We should be very, very worried.

There’s a triple whammy heading straight towards us. It’s the triple whammy of a lack of social care expenditure, NHS services deteriorating in response, and the re-distribution of social care and NHS resources from the poorest to the wealthiest areas. These whammies aren’t happening by chance, but because of the choices the Government are making.Continue reading “We should be very, very worried.”

Housing failure for the many; merry dancing for the few.

Last week, the Office for Budget Responsibility said that the measures announced in the Autumn Statement will actually further slow housebuilding. It said there will be 13,000 fewer affordable homes over the next five years. Between 1997 and 2010, the government delivered two million more homes, a million more home-owners and the biggest investment inContinue reading “Housing failure for the many; merry dancing for the few.”

Breaking new ground

Our parliamentary select committees attract a lot of attention from parliaments and emerging democracies throughout the world. In the House of Commons, there is a select committee for every government department. Each committee is concerned with examining the relevant department’s performance on spending, policy and administration. Committees are all-party with membership proportional to each party’sContinue reading “Breaking new ground”