Britain’s Covid heroes must not be made to pay for the coronavirus crisis

This blog comes from an article I wrote for Left Foot Forward, available here: The coronavirus outbreak has introduced great pain and uncertainty within our communities. The UK looks set to exceed the government’s expectation of 20,000 deaths. Meanwhile, UK GDP is forecast for a hit in the region of 14-24%. The last timeContinue reading “Britain’s Covid heroes must not be made to pay for the coronavirus crisis”

To your good health?

It is common to measure the progress, prosperity, and general wellbeing of any society by measuring its citizens’ life expectancy. The United Nations, for example, uses life expectancy, education, and income to rank countries’ development through the Human Development Index. When society is flourishing, life expectancy increases. But life expectancy can also act as theContinue reading “To your good health?”

Fracking heck! The phoney ban

Just over a week ago, I wrote about the government’s announcement of a moratorium on fracking1 . The Oil and Gas Authority had reported that it could not guarantee further fracking “would meet the Government’s policy aims of ensuring it is safe, sustainable and of minimal disturbance to those living and working nearby”. Three weeks ago, BusinessContinue reading “Fracking heck! The phoney ban”

Care quality cuts – shaming and disgraceful

I have been banging on about the crisis in the funding of adult social care – the resources to support adults with physical and mental disabilities and frail pensioners – for several years.1 Each impending crisis has been bought off with last-minute temporary funds, instead of having the political courage to agree a long-term funding solution. DespiteContinue reading “Care quality cuts – shaming and disgraceful”

Fracking heck!

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as ‘fracking’ involves the use of chemicals (some dangerous) with vast amounts of water and sand at high pressure to fracture the rock surrounding oil and gas, enabling them to be extracted. At one time, it appeared that fracking might provide a significant addition to the UK’s energy resources. Supporters saidContinue reading “Fracking heck!”

Losing out

There was one piece of really good news this week, although you might have missed it in all the latest Brexit shenanigans. How could anyone possibly think that it would be reasonable to suggest that, at 24 hours’ notice, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill1 , with 115 pages of dense legalese taking about 8 hours justContinue reading “Losing out”

The Noes have it, the Noes have it…

Since 2010, the Conservative governments have become obsessed with tinkering with the scope of and the arrangements for our democracy. Unfortunately, it appears to be the case of David/Theresa/ Boris fiddling whilst citizens have become more and more frustrated with and alienated from democratic engagement through the ballot box. A group of Conservative MPs haveContinue reading “The Noes have it, the Noes have it…”